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BSI Project

Basic Skills Initiative (BSI)

Welcome to the Basic Skills Initiative Committee page.


The Moreno Valley College's BSI goals are to:

  • Establish and develop comprehensive, ongoing, college-wide basic skills/ESL activities that promote success through pre-transfer level courses
  • Provide extensive staff development opportunities to support services and instruction in basic skills/ESL and general effective teaching practices
  • Implement an ongoing "culture of evidence" that validates and supports the basic skills/ESL program
  • Develop and implement pre- and post- enrollment support activities for basic skills/ESL students.


Information about BSI:


Meeting Dates

The Basic Skills Initiative committee meets on the third Tuesday of each month during the spring 2019 semester in Humanities, room 227 unless otherwise noted.




Agendas & Minutes (by year)






Support Documentation - (6 items)

  1. 2017-19 Integrated Plan- BSI SE and SSSP
  2. BSI Allocation Form
  3. BSI Education Code 88815
  4. BSI Expenditure Guidelines May 2015
  5. BSI Proposal Form Updated 04.18
  6. Expenditure Guidelines 2016-17


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Contact Us

BSI Coordinator:

Kathryn Stevenson

Phone Number:

(951) 571-6398


Anna Marie Amezquita, Dean of Instruction