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ATHENA Student Leadership Program

The ATHENA Student Leadership Program is designed to assist students in developing leadership and career related skills. With a goal of preparing students for leadership in higher education and beyond, the ATHENA Student Leadership Program aims to enhance and strengthen "transferable skills." The Program provides a foundation for students to become confident, aware, and engaged citizens facilitating academic success, civic responsibility, and the opportunity for achieving career goals. The ATHENA Student Leadership Program application is open to all students.


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Learning Outcomes for participants


  • Learn how to "be" a leader with a focus on quality and character
  • Gain leadership competence necessary for success in college and beyond
  • Explore personal leadership attributes relative to the ATHENA Leadership Model
  • Apply ATHENA leadership principles through experiential learning
  • Map out a pathway for leadership growth in college and career
  • Have the opportunity to build bridges across professional sectors and generations


ATHENA Principles

Understanding who you are - your values, beliefs, and thoughts.
Honoring your uniqueness. Accepting personal responsibility for your actions.

Challenge yourself to be open and to listen to what may be new and unfamiliar.
Expanding and developing your knowledge, skills, and experiences. Teaching others.

Supporting and acting on your passion for people, causes, or ideas.
Creating an unstoppable force for the greater good.

Standing up and standing firm in the face of fear.
Taking risks to speak the truth or challenge the way things have been done.

Reaching beyond what you can achieve on your own.
Working in unison with others, while celebrating diverse points of view, ideas, and actions.

Connecting with and embracing others.
Appreciating the gifts and talents of others in your life.

Serving the greater good.
Committing to help your personal community of family, friends, and peers as well as the global village at large.

Appreciate and acknowledge your accomplishments.
Looking forward to your life with a sense of hope and purpose.



The ATHENA Student Leadership Program is a semester long program. It is imperative that you arrive on-time, prepared to engage in MEANINGFUL discussions that add to everyone's learning experience. This means you should be devoting sufficient time to reading, completing assignments and preparing prior to attending the session.


Tardiness/Leaving Early

Being late to the session or getting up and leaving is a disruption to all. Please do your best to be on time and stay the duration of the session. Tardiness or leaving early will drop your participation points. Persistent tardiness will be addressed with the individual and may result in being asked to leave the Program.


Cell Phone Usage

Cell Phones have become an extension of us in today's society. They are very useful however, they are also a distraction when used at inopportune times and keep people from being fully engaged. When in session cell phones should be turned off and put away.

If you have an emergency situation where you must keep your phone available, please let me know before the session begins and put it on silent or vibrate and sit close to the exit so you may excuse yourself to take care of business. If you have not made prior arrangements and your cell phone rings, please excuse yourself to answer it and then go ahead and dismiss yourself from the session for the reminder of the day.


Certificate of completion and Scholarship Determination

100 - 90%Certificate/FULL Scholarship
89 - 80%Certificate/Scholarship Amount Reduced
79 - 70%Certificate/No Scholarship
69 - 60%Certificate/No Scholarship
59% and belowNO Certificate/No Scholarship


Contact Us

If you have questions about this program, don't hesitate to contact the Student Activities Center.