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Technology Support Services:
Web Development

The primary goal of TSS Web Development is to keep information on the Moreno Valley College website current, consistent, and easily accessible. Web Development is also responsible for providing information and promoting Moreno Valley College through various internet-based channels, which include the MVC website and official social media profiles.

Please note that all requests, regardless of content, should be sent to


Websites | MVC.EDU

Changes to content on the MVC domain are typically made at the request of web content owners and designees assigned to the pages they request published. Requests may include minor updates (dates, times, updated files) or major overhauls (complete content replacement, new web pages, new layouts, etc.)

When submitting requests, please include:

  • When editing a web page:
    • The URL of the page you wish to be changed
    • Any updates (content, files, new headings, additional links, etcetera)
  • When creating a new web page:
    • Location of page (URL of existing site or parent department for content)
    • Content (includes welcome message, mission statement, relevant documentationand content, resources/useful links, etc.)

Please do not:

  • Submit executable files (.exe)
  • Submit requests without copying your supervisor and/or the content owner (if content designee)
  • Submit requests for websites outside of your purview or without permission of content owner unless it is to notify webmaster of errors

Minor textual edits may be made to written or graphical that content owners/designees submit. Reasons for these edits may include clarification or adherence to District/College content and branding guidelines. Requests needing major edits will be flagged and returned to sender for revision.

Web Development also offers consultation services by appointment or phone should MVC departments, programs, committees, or other College services be interested in creating or updating their internet presence. Please see contact information below to set up a meeting.

View MVC's Web Development Policies and Procedures for more specific information.



The Moreno Valley College Microsoft SharePoint document repository, located at, is administered by TSS Web Development.

If committees, departments, programs, or other campus groups are in need of a SharePoint site, please contact Web Development. Content editors are assigned on a per-case basis and a brief training on uploading documents and working with a SharePoint site is required.


Graphic Design

Web Development offers a variety of digital design services for major College events, programs, and services free of charge:

  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Website banners
  • Social media graphics

Please note that flyers and other design services are completed as time allows on a first-come, first-served basis. TSS Web Development does not offer printing services. For dedicated graphic design (free of charge) and printing services (at cost) such as programs for events, please contact the Printing & Graphics Center.

Flyers and other information graphics distributed to all students (meaning no program restrictions) or externally will be expected to conform to MVC Identity Standards and should include relevant disclaimers.

If departments/programs are interested in designing their own graphics, see below for helpful guidelines:

  • MVC banners are 692 x 353 pixels. Height may be variable unless used in the banner slider.
  • Save images in .jpg/.jpeg format. If transparency is needed, .png is encouraged.
  • Flyers should be standard size 8.5 x 11 inches with (if printing) a .125 inch (1/8") bleed.
  • Flyers and other documents should be saved in PDF format.
  • Most computers on campus come loaded with a variety of design programs, like Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop for graphics, Illustrator or InDesign for flyers) and Microsoft Office (Word, Publisher, and Powerpoint for flyers).

Be sure to communicate any project deadlines or due dates. In the event of non-communicated deadlines, missed due dates are the responsibility of the requestor.


Social Media

Web Development administers and posts to official MVC social media pages, as well as monitors department and/or program-specific pages. If you are interested in setting up or have already created a social media page for your department or program, please contact Web Development to have it vetted for compliance with District and College social media policies and added to the Social Media page. TSS will request that unaffilited or unapproved pages carrying MVC branding be removed or deactivated. For details, read RCCD'S Social Media Guidelines.


College Branding

For questions related to branding or College identity standards, please contact Web Development or view MVC's Identity Standards. Identity standards include:

  • Logo usage
  • Official colors
  • Writing and formatting guidelines
  • Disclaimers
  • Overall consistency with the MVC brand


Other Services

Web Development also provides a variety of useful miscellaneous services:

  • PDF form creation
  • Online marketing
    • Web Development has three major methods of content distribution and advertisement:
      • social media,
      • the College website, and
      • College listserv email lists.
    • Faculty and staff are welcome to submit requests to have their classes, programs, events, workshops, and other items advertised.
    • The banner slider on the College homepage is restricted to major programs, announcements, and events available to all students. Events with attendance restrictions will be advertised on social media only.
  • Consultation services
  • Design advice
  • Promotional and tutorial videos




Contact Us

Phone Number:

(951) 571-6144


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