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Please read the following requirements for the Honors Program:


  1. To be eligible for the program, current RCCD students need:
    1. ___ 3.0 GPA and completion of 9 transferable units
    2. ___ Eligibility for or Completion of English 1A
    3. ___ Completed Honors Program Application

  2. To be eligible for the program, incoming high school students and all other 1st time college students need:
    1. ___ 3.0 GPA
    2. ___ Eligibility for English 1A or Completion of the equivalent of English 1A at another institution
    3. ___ Completed RCCD application
    4. ___ Completed Honors Program Application

  3. Students must complete an honors orientation before or during their first semester in the program. Students who may be slightly below the GPA requirement may submit an appeal for admission (see the form) into the program. The coordinators will have the authority to make limited exceptions when a student's ability to benefit from and successfully complete the program is not accurately reflected by his or her transcripts.