Mathematics, Sciences & Kinesiology Department

The Mathematics, Sciences, and Kinesiology Department offers courses in Mathematics, the Physical Sciences, and Physical Education.


Chair Contact Information

All phone numbers are area code 951 and prefix 571
Department Chair Shara Marshall x6141 HUM 122B
Assistant Chair Stephen Wagner X6278 PSC 2B
Assistant Chair James Namekata x6114 Humanities 122C
Full-Time Faculty
Nicolae Baciuna Mathematics x6115 PSC 2E 
Dipen Bhattacharya Physics x6216 SCI 163B 
Sean Drake Mathematics x6223 HUM 116 
Felipe Galicia Biology x6220 PSC 2E 
Fen Johnson Mathematics x6429 HUM 120 
Ellen Lipkin Microbiology x6119 HUM 117 
Rebecca Loomis Anatomy/Physiology x6124 HUM 122A
Diane Marsh Chemistry x6121 HUM 119
Shara Marshall Biology x6141 HUM 122B
James Namekata Mathematics x6114 HUM 122C 
Sheila Pisa Mathematics x6146 HUM 316
Kari Richards-Dinger Mathematics
x6122 HUM 314
Kathy Saxon Mathematics x6123 HUM 309A
Steve Wagner Biology x6278  PSC 2B 
Joanna Werner-Fraczek Biology x6230 PSC 2D 
Ingrid Wicken Physical Education x6225 MPB
Chui Zhi Yao Mathematics x6428 SA 106

NOTE: The name of the Physical Education discipline has been changed to Kinesiology. If you are looking for the following courses at Moreno Valley- Soccer, Nutrition, First Aid and CPR, Karate, Walking for Fitness, Yoga, Physical Fitness, Step Aerobics, and Body Sculpting-they can be found in the Kinesiology section of the class schedule.


Department Web Sites


Course offerings in the disciplines below can vary. Please check the class schedule for current and planned offerings.

  • Anatomy and Physiology (AMY)
  • Astronomy (AST)
  • Biology (BIO)
  • Chemistry (CHE)
  • Health Science (HES)
  • Mathematics (MAT)
  • Microbiology (MIC)
  • Physical Science (PHS)
  • Kinesiology(KIN)-formerly Physical Education
  • Physics (PHY)