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View of the Humanities building

Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences Department

The Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences Department offers courses in several areas of the humanities, arts, and social science fields of inquiry.

Chair Contact Information

All phone numbers are area code 951 and prefix 571.
Full-Time Faculty Discipline Extension Location
Amy Balent Art x6219 HUM 126A
Fabian Biancardi (Assistant Chair) Political Science x6129 HUM 309B
Brian Brautigam Counseling/DSS x6204 LIB 230
Larisa Broyles (Department Chair) Anthropology x6133 HUM 311
Amanda Cachia Art x6924 PSC 2D
Gregory Elder History x6130 HUM 310
Adam Felton Psychology x6925 PSC 2F
Richard Garcia Counseling x6246 STU 307E
Travis Gibbs Psychology x6150 HUM 317
Terrie Hawthorne Counseling/Workforce Preparation x6156 HUM 233B
Jeanne Howard Counseling x6326 STU 307D
Gertrude Lopez Counseling/Umoja x6446 STU 306
Anya-Kristina Marquis Geography x6212 SAS 335
Norma Martinez Spanish x6136 SAS 346
Barry McNaughton Music x6348 PSC 11D
Bonnie Montes Counseling/EOPS x6249 STU 209
Frankie Moore Student Activities x6149 Student Activities
Tahmina Morshed Economics x6923 PSC 2C
Deanna Murrell Counseling/Financial Aid x6367 HUM 113
Casey Orr Counseling x6355 HUM 113
Maria Pacheco Counseling x6180 STU 304
LaTonya Parker Counseling x6132 STU 306
Larry Peña (Assistant Chair) Counseling x6158 STU 305B
Carmen Perches Counseling/Career and Transfer x6349 STU 301B
Ann Pfeifle History x6243 HUM 308
Bonavita Quinto-McCallum (Assistant Chair) Spanish x6386 SAS 336
Christopher Rocco Humanities x6244 SAS 334
Nick Sinigaglia Philosophy x6173 SAS 342
Omiya Nikki Thurston Counseling x6205 STU 305C
Adviye Tolunay-Ryan Psychology x6346 HUM 218B
I-Ching Tsai Music x6313 PSC 11A
Silvia Trejo Counseling/STEM x6258 HUM 108
Mario Vega-Sanchez Spanish x6387 SAS 338
Thomas Williams Counseling/STEM x6936 PSC 21-8



Course offerings in the disciplines below can vary. Please check the class schedule or WebAdvisor for current and planned offerings.

  • American Sign Language
  • Anthropology
  • Art
  • Counseling
  • Dance
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • History
  • Humanities
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Spanish
  • Theater Arts

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