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Writing and Reading Center


The Writing and Reading Center (WRC), as part of the Learning Center, at Moreno Valley College supports learning in reading and writing for all registered Moreno Valley College students at all levels and at any stage of the writing process. The WRC provides faculty and peer writing consultants for one-to-one instruction.

The WRC positively encourages students' growth as writers, their attitudes toward writing, and their overall academic success. The goal of the WRC is to help students become better writers. We provide a safe, supportive learning environment for all students, especially for students traditionally marginalized within higher education, with the goal of increasing access to and success in higher education for all students. By supporting all student writers at their individual levels, the WRC promotes literacy education and the democratization of higher education.

The WRC also acknowledges the writing needs of faculty and staff on campus and will help faculty and staff to grow as writers as well.



The WRC instructional staff form a team with the classroom instructors and students, providing personalized attention that classroom instructors see as desirable but do not have time for in class. Classroom instructors, WRC instructional staff, and students collaborate to support students' improvement as writers. Together they work to increase students' understandings of reading and writing skills.

How successfully the WRC fulfills this mission is dependent upon both the classroom instructors' presentation of the writing requirements and the WRC Instructors' or Writing Consultants' interactions with students in the WRC. Classroom instructors must communicate clearly their expectations regarding writing generally in their syllabi and regarding specific assignments in their writing prompts.

Classroom instructors should also help students communicate their specific needs and goals to the WRC instructional staff. Students should understand why they are going to the WRC because their understandings are critical to their success. Upon request, the WRC can provide Writing Conference Confirmation sheets to verify a student visit and summarize the consultation session.

The WRC is NOT an editing or proofreading service. The aim is to teach writing skills and to allow students autonomy of their own work.


Hours, Location and Contact Information

Hours of Operation:

The first day of appointment and walk-in availability for fall 2019 is Tuesday, September 3.

Monday - Thursday: 9 am - 6 pm

Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Closed


Learning Center
Humanities, Room 219

Phone Number:

(951) 571-6128


Melanie James