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Behavioral Intervention Resource Team (BIRT)
Frequently Asked questions

How do I know when to call the Behavioral Intervention Resource Team (BIRT)?
If you have concerns, tell someone. BIRT is available to consult and help plan interventions when necessary.


Who can make a referral to the BIRT?
Anyone who feels a student's behavior is concerning can make a referral. This includes students, parents, faculty, staff and community members. BIRT may need to ask additional questions to understand the issues involved and therefore require the ability to identify and contact the person making the referral.


What happens to the student in the BIRT process?
BIRT provides students with respectful and proactive support while offering resources that balances the educational needs of the students with the overall mission of Moreno Valley College (MVC).


Can BIRT provide training for my department?
Yes. Contact BIRT to arrange training tailored to your situation and needs, including how to respond to disruptive, intimidating, or threatening behavior.


Will I violate student privacy rights if I contact BIRT?
No, BIRT members are RCCD employees who may share information from student records with other campus employees if there is a "legitimate educational interest." If safety is at stake, the campus can disclose information as needed to prevent harm.


How do I know if a concerning behavior is a BIRT issue, or is more appropriately handled by other campus resources?
You do not have to make that determination. The most important step is that you report the concerning behavior. If another campus resource is more appropriate, BIRT will refer the student and handle the transfer of information.


Who/Where should I call after hours?
In on-campus emergency situations, call Campus Police at 9-1-1.


How to Refer a Student to BIRT
Refer a student to the BIRT by submitting a completed report form (Disruptive Student Behavior or Incident Report) or by calling any member of BIRT or Student Health and Psychological Services at (951) 571-6103. If this is an emergency, please call 9-1-1.