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Guidelines for Psychiatric Emergencies
Moreno Valley College

Contact Phone Numbers

Health Services: (951) 571-6103

Campus Police: (951) 222-8171 or 911



Psychiatric Emergencies:

  1. Suicidality (as evidenced by written or verbal communication)
    1. Direct statements indicating perceived futility of life.
    2. Written "suicide" or extremely depressive poetry, etc.
    3. Crying and/or expressions of anguish with or without report of precipitating event (death, loss, and trauma).
    4. Statements or actions in which student gives away personal possessions with/without comments indicating imminent death.
    5. Report by student that another student has confessed suicidal intent or ideation.
  2. Course of Action: Course of Action: If the student is willing to go talk with one of the counselors at Health Services, call Health Services to escort the student. If the student is unwilling to see a counselor, then please call Campus Police. Note: All students expressing suicidal thoughts must have psychiatric/medical intervention both for their safety and to avoid legal liability of faculty and staff.

  3. Psychological Decompensation (with or without psychosis)
    1. Disorientation, confusion, inappropriate behavior or statements.
    2. Inappropriate or labile mood indications such as laughter, hostility, crying suspicion, or mania without a precipitating stimulus.
    3. Mumbling, incoherent speech or nonsensical babbling.
    4. Lack of awareness of surroundings.
    5. Violence toward individuals, property or objects.

    Course of Action: Call Campus Police to make the appropriate counseling/hospitalization determinations. If the student prefers to see a counselor at Health Services, call Health Services to escort the student.

  4. Substance Overdose (Student may or may not exhibit the following)
    1. Slurred speech
    2. Drowsiness
    3. Dilated or constricted pupils
    4. Disorientation
    5. Twitching or extreme nervousness
    6. Unconsciousness
    7. Slow breathing or pulse

    Course of Action: Call 911 Campus Police immediately and notify Health Services. If a student is threatening or uncooperative, call Campus Police for assistance. Note: A student who has ingested or inhaled a lethal substance may be awake and talking coherently; however, they may become a medical emergency very quickly. Do not leave them alone at any time. They require swift medical intervention.

  5. Substance Intoxication (Student may or may not manifest the following)
    1. Slurred speech
    2. Ebullient or expansive mood
    3. Belligerence or destructive hostility
    4. Disorientation or drowsiness
    5. Odor of alcohol on breath
    6. Glassy eyes, slow responses to questions
    7. Nervousness, irritability
    8. Irrational speech or behavior

    Course of Action: Call Campus Police for assistance.


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