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Associated Students

Benefits for Students

Being a Moreno Valley College student affords you several benefits, paid for by your student services fee and arranged by the Associated Students of Moreno Valley College. Want to know more about student benefits? Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or further information.

These benefits are paid for with your student services fee, which is part of your tuition. Some may become unavailable to students who have chosen to waive their student services fee.


How ASMVC is Funded

The Associated Students of Moreno Valley College is funded through your student services fee. We rely on your contributions to provide unique discounts and experiences to MVC students, fund student clubs and organizations, and support qualifying students through grants and scholarships.


Student ID Discounts

Discounts? Don't hesitate to ask! Most local business, dining places, shopping stores give student discounts. Just show your MVC Student ID Card to see what discounts are available to you! You also get discounts for: Photo ID, Free Admission to Live Entertainment, Eligible to Participate in Student Government, Bookstore Discounts, Free Campus Music Concerts, Free Admission to Recognition Banquets (if being honored), Discounts at Local Merchants, Free Barbecues and Food Giveaways, Representation by ASMVC Membership, Free Admission to Athletic Events, and many, many other events!


RTA Go-Pass Program

MVC students registered in one or more units can ride anywhere RTA travels using your mobile Go-Pass! Travel on RTA begins the first day of the term for registered students; registering after the term begins will delay bus riding privileges.

When you register for classes, be sure to provide your mobile phone number. Then one week before classes start, you'll receive a text message or email with instructions on downloading your free mobile pass. After that, simply validate your mobile pass whenever you board and enjoy the ride. Student ID cards will no longer be accepted.

For more information about the program, visit the RTA Go-Pass website.


Health & Psychological Services

Did you know that you can get free counseling sessions through Health & Psychological Services with your Student ID? For more information contact Health Services.