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Admissions & Records Forms

The following forms are in PDF file format. If you have problems opening the form, please download the Acrobat Reader first.


Academic and Student Records

Academic Renewal (Omit Course from GPA calculation)

Academic Renewal allows previously recorded substandard (D,F,NC,NP) coursework taken at a campus of RCCD to be disregarded in the computation of RCCD grade point average. Conditions apply. Completed form should be submitted to Admissions Office at the student's home collegeupdated info.

Access the Academic Renewal form →

Change of Address, Name, Gender Identity or Personal Information

Update your name, address, gender identity and/or personal information with the forms below.

Change of Address/Information form →

Change of Chosen Name or Gender Identity form →

Change of Home College

Request the change of your Riverside Community College District home college. Your home college is where you receive your student services and the college that awards your degrees and/or certificates.

Change of Home College form →

Duplicate Diploma/Certificate Request

For a duplicate, print out the request form and pay at the cashier window at the college. You may also mail request form to the college with check payable to RCCD. Requests will be ordered with the next regular order of diplomas and certificates. It may take up to 6 months to receive the duplicate. Cost is $2.00 each.

Submit a Duplicate Diploma/Certificate Request →

Enrollment Verification

Visit the Enrollment Verification page to order an official enrollment verification or email along with your photo ID.

Access Enrollment Verification instructions →

Privacy Consent (Allow Access to Your Records)

As a student, one has the right to keep their records private.

Access the Privacy Consent form →

Request Transcripts

Transcripts may be requested online through WebAdvisor. Learn how to file a transcript request and about any applicable fees →

W-9S: Request Student/Borrower Taxpayer Idenfification Number

The W-9S form is a request for Student's or Borrower's Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification.

Access the W-9S form →




Approval for Overlapping Classes

The college may permit an overlapping schedule if certain requirements are met. Completed form should be submitted to Admissions at the student's home campus.

Access the Approval for Overlapping Classes form →

Course Grade Verification

Students enrolled in a course who are seeking to re-enroll in the same course the next term must get verification from the instructor that they will not receive a passing grade in order to be eligible to register now for the same course next term. Submit completed form to Admissions at the Student's home campus.

Access the Course Grade Verification form →

Course Repetition

Students may repeat both Non-Repeatable and Repeatable courses according to administrative policy and procedures. When course repetition occurs the permanent academic records will be annotated in such a manner that all work remains legible ensuring and true and complete academic history.

Students can only attempt most courses a maximum of 3 times. Attempts prior to Summer 2012 will be taken into consideration.

Access the Course Repetition form →

Credit by Exam for all courses except Foreign Languages

Credit may be granted to any student who satisfactorily passes an examination approved or conducted by the discipline or program in which a comparable course is offered. In the case of foreign languages students must complete a higher level course in order to receive credit for a lower level language course (see below for correct form).

Access the Credit by Exam form for non-Foreign Language courses →

Credit by Exam for Foreign Languages courses

Foreign languages students (only) must complete a higher level course in order to receive credit for a lower level language course.

Access the Credit by Exam for Foreign Languages courses form →

Cross Enrollment (Reduced cost CSU/UC class)

Eligible undergraduate students enrolled at any California community college may enroll at a CSU or UC campus without formal admission to take a maximum of one course per academic term on a space available basis for a $10 or more administrative fee. Submit completed form to RCCD Admissions at your home campus.

Access the Cross Enrollment Form →

Late Add Petition

Students who missed their registration period and want to enroll in a class past a term's enrollment deadline must file a Late Add Petition. Reasons that students can add a course late under Title 5 state regulations include illness, accident, death of a family member, etcetera. Reasons that will NOT be accepted include financial or academic holds, unable to pay fees, class needed for graduation/transfer requirement, assessments or prerequisites not cleared, lack of understanding about class add deadlines or application/registration procedures.

Access the Late Add Petition form →



Tuition and Tuition Exemptions

California Nonresident Tuition Exemption Request (AB540)

California Nonresident Tuition Exemption Request (SB141)

For Eligible Children of Deported or Voluntarily Departed Parents.

Access the California Nonresident Tuition Exemption Request (SB141) form →

COTOP Appeal (Outstanding Fee Collection)

This form is for students who have received a letter from the RCCD accounting services manager-regarding outstanding fees and are filing an appeal. If you decided not to attend course(s) and were not dropped from the course, you may have received a substandard grade or "W" and owe fees. It is the students' responsibility to drop themselves from the course if they decide not to attend. Extenuating circumstances are verified, documented cases of accidents, illnesses, or other circumstances beyond the control of the student. No appeal will be considered without proper documentation.

Access the COTOP Appeal Form →

Change of Residency Status (Supplemental Residency Questionnaire)

You have been classified as a NON-RESIDENT of California for educational purposes and as such are subject to nonresident tuition. As a non-resident student you will need to apply for re-classification of your residency status. This must be done well in advance of the term you wish to be considered for resident tuition purposes. Complete the Supplemental Residency Questionnaire Form and submit it along with supporting documentation to the Admissions & Records office.

Access the Residency Questionnaire form →



Appeals and Petitions

Loss of California College Promise Grant (CCPG)

Students have the opportunity to appeal if they meet and can document an approved circumstance. This form must be used to appeal.

Access the Loss of California College Promise Grant (CCPG) →

Extenuating Circumstances Petition

This petition is for students who encounter situations involving extenuating circumstances, or emergencies that may affect their educational records and fall outside the realm of normal college policy and procedure. Students have 12 calendar months following the semester in which the grade was recorded to submit this petition.

Access the Extenuating Circumstances Petition →

Priority Registration Appeal

Students who have lost priority registration and have been moved to open registration may appeal to have it reinstated based on verifiable evidence of factors outside their control.

Access the Priority Registration Appeal →

Registration Appointment Appeal

Students may appeal their registration appointment if they have completed over 100 units and are intending to graduate or transfer during the following term. If approved, the student's new registration appointment will be for the intended term only, and subsequent appeals will not be considered at any of the three colleges at RCCD.

Access the Registration Appointment Appeal →



Special Programs

High School Concurrent Enrollment (HSCE) School/Parent Approval Form

All high school students wishing to attend Moreno Valley College are required to submit this form along with other information by the Concurrent Enrollment application deadline. Learn more on the Concurrent Enrollment page.

Complete the High School Concurrent Enrollment (HSCE) School/Parent Approval Form →



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