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For Immediate Release
February 6, 2014

Moreno Valley College Adding Additional Spring Classes


Moreno Valley College will be adding possibly another 57 classes for the upcoming spring semester, which begins on Tuesday, February 18. The classes, which will include both 16-week and 8-week classes, bring the total number of added classes to 91 for the spring semester. A portion of the additional classes will include classes in English, math, and basic skill, which tend to fill quickly and generate the longest waitlists.

David Vakil, the dean of instruction, said the added classes would help alleviate enrollment challenges students face.

"As part of the midyear analysis of our progress toward meeting enrollment goals, we determined that Moreno Valley College was in a position to offer more classes," Vakil said. "We're working hard to restore access to our students and the community."

The college used data from current waitlist registration to determine which classes to add, Vakil said. The added classes will help students meet the College's general education requirements and increase students' opportunities to make progress toward their educational goals.

MVC also announced it will extend the deadline for students to apply for the spring semester. For more information on the increased class offerings, log on to the Available Classes page.