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Employee COVID Resources

Promoting a Safe Campus

The safety of our students, employees and community is our top priority. RCCD locations remain subject to the directives of public health agencies and employees are expected to comply in good faith with RCCD Risk Management guidance.

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Temporary Masking Guidance

Buildings with Mask Requirements

No buildings have masking requirements at this time.

The College implements temporary indoor masking and safety requirements to all visitors of buildings that have had three or more confirmed positive COVID-19 cases within 14 days. These requirements are per Cal/OSHA COVID-19 emergency temporary standards. The requirement stays in effect until there are no new COVID-19 cases detected in the exposed group for a 14-day period.

  1. A mask is required for all visitors while in the building. The mask-required signs are posted at the building entrance. Mask and respirators are available upon request or at PPE stations.
  2. Students enrolled in classes and employees will be notified if in close contact. Please follow the guidance and instructions of District Risk Management, including completing an online COVID-19 report (use the proper student or employee form) and taking a test.
  3. Two COVID-19 tests are required for all employees working in the building, except those who recovered from COVID-19 within the last 30 days. Employees shall get their first COVID-19 test within a couple days of notification and the second COVID-19 test a week after the first test. Both PCR and antigen tests, including the at-home antigen tests, are acceptable. If you test negative, no additional action is required. If you test positive, please complete the online COVID-19 report for the positive COVID-19 case.

Frequently Asked Questions


Masks are NOT required to be worn indoors or out of doors (except when the College must comply with requirements from the California Department of Public Health).

  1. When not in outbreak status, masking is up to the individual student, employee or visitor, but it remains a useful and protective safety tool proven to reduce the chances to transmit COVID-19.
  2. When in outbreak status, masks are required indoors at the stated location.

No. The COVID-19 symptom checker in CLEARED4 is no longer required.

Yes! Please continue to report cases of positive tests, symptoms, or exposure. You can do so with the online employee COVID-19 reporting form.

No, but please test when requested by Risk Management, when exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, or after cases of close contact with an individual positive for COVID-19. Testing will remain available on campus and in the community.

Effects on students

Enrollment in face-to-face and hybrid classes has been opened to all students as of the Board of Trustees'​ Resolution No. 04-22/23. However, students are required to follow campus safety requirements. CLEARED4 passes are no longer required and on-campus testing for individuals showing symptoms or concerned about infection remains available.

Information for Students

Effects on visitors and vendors

Visitors and vendors do not have to submit proof of vaccination status. However, they must follow all campus or location safety requirements on the days they access RCCD properties. Safety requirements may vary by location.