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We're working on the 2019 Comprehensive Master Plan and need your feedback!

Comprehensive Master Plan (2019-30)

Moreno Valley College's Comprehensive Master Plan (CMP) is the roadmap to the College's future. The 2019-30 CMP articulates MVC's long-term education and facilities visions.

The goals of the CMP are to support the school-based Guided Pathways framework; to craft strong principles and a structure to inform critical decision-making in the future; and provide a short- and long-term implementation plan.

The Eduational Master Plan portion of the new 2019-30 Comprehensive Master Plan is still in draft. We are inviting community feedback during this critical phase of the plan development.

Information and public feedback for the 2019 CMP development process can be viewed at the 2019 CMP Development site. The finalized Facilities Master Plan and the draft Educational Master Plan can be viewed below.


Master Plans

The 2019 Comprehensive Master Plan is comprised of two separate master plans addressing both the infrastructure/facilities and educational needs of the college.

View the full Comprehensive Master Plan   View the Educational Master Plan   View the Facilities Master Plan


Give feedback on the Master Plan Drafts