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Faculty Directory

Faculty from the School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) offer innovative education and college-to-career pathways in mathematics, natural sciences, computer programming and computer applications.


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Faculty Contact Information

All phone numbers are area code 951 and prefix 571.

Faculty Names
Sean Drake
Chair, Mathematics
Mathematics 6223 HM 103F
Shara Marshall
Chair, Natural Sciences
Biology 6141 SAS 327
Daniel Bernier, Ph.D. Chemistry 6121 HM 103D
Dipen Bhattacharya, Ph.D. Physics 6216 HM 325
Nicolae Baciuna Mathematics 6115 SAS 330
Rosalia Cueto Mathematics 6381 HM 303A
Matthew Fast Computer Information Systems 6347 SAS 329
Siobhan Feeney, Ph.D. Chemistry 6124 HM 103-I
Felipe Galicia Biology 6220 SAS 332
Jeffrey Julius Microbiology 6130 PSC 2-108
Fen Johnson Mathematics 6429 HM 103E
Gabriela Florido Mathematics 6119 PSC 2-101
Robery Loya Computer Information Systems 6137 SAS 331
Gabriela Maerean Mathematics 6196 HM 103B
Michael McQuead Computer Information Systems 6177 SCI 110
Gabriel Murillo Mathematics 6150 PSC 2-102
James Namekata
Assistant Chair, Mathematics
Mathematics 6114 HM 103C
Esteban (Adam) Navas Mathematics 6235 HM 103A
Kasey Nguyen, Ph.D.
Assistant Chair, Computer Information Systems
Computer Information Systems 6940 PSC-21 104
Kari Richards-Dinger Mathematics 6122 HM 303B
Abel Sanchez Biology 6209 SAS 325
Steve Wagner
Assistant Chair, Natural Sciences
Biology 6278 SAS 326
Joanna Werner-Fraczek, Ph.D. Biology 6230 SAS 328
Thomas Yancey Kinesiology/Health Science 6225 MPB 100A
Chui Zhi Yao, Ph.D. Mathematics 6428 HM 303D


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